3rder is a fast-growing gay threesome dating app that can offer a unique dating experience for its users who desire for a compatible partner. It is now available for iOS users and will be accessible for people with Android phones. But it doesn’t matter since it receives more than 1k members everyday and they are all active. All members will absolutely enjoy a great time here when they are trying to meet and connect people in their area who share the same lifestyle with them. It is actually a great way to find singles or couples on this gay threesome app as long as you know what you are looking for.

Like other gay dating sites or threesome dating apps out there, 3rder will need new members to register a new account with a profile to be completed before interact with other members on it. The process is easy and will only take a few minutes by following the steps offered there. After adding some information the app requires, new members will get into the app and get access to thousands of profiles. In fact, members can get to their profile page first to complete the additional options there. The more information you enter into your profile, the more precise the 3rder will be in connecting you with possible matches that meet your need. You don’t have to worry about your privacy and safety when you offer those information. 3rder promises that it won’t sell any information to any third party.

After completing your profile with detailed information, you may wonder how the app works for you. Take a look at the following words and you will know how easy it is.
3rder will collect all members’ location and use it to display active members in your area for you to like and connect.
Once you find someone you are interested in when you are in QuickMatch part, you can swipe right to mark and like them. Or you can swipe left if you don’t like those profiles.
It will be a match once you like someone and they like you back. And the app will tell both of you so you can start sending messages to each other to know more.

3rder is a global platform for kinky singles and couples to chat, make friends and find open-minded dates from all over the world. It won’t let you down since all the developers and the customer support team work hard to keep the app run smoothly and fast to make sure all members can enjoy it.