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GHunt app is another Grindr app style gay dating app. You are welcome to join the gay app as long as you are a gay daddy, gay due, gay guy, gay couple or gay singles.

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Grindr Trans Dating App – Transdr

Transdr is the popularity of gay and transgender dating app is due to a number of reasons, the main point is that you have easy access to hundreds of potential matches in the comfort of your home. Another is their ability to gay and transgender singles with specific needs and characteristics, such as a specific body type. So, if you’re looking for the best Grindr trans dating apps, Transdr is your best bet, because Transdr dating app is the best gay and trans dating app, here’s what you can get from gay friends and transgender friends.

Transdr Features

There are a number of amazing features that free users can use with this gay and transgender dating app – therefore, you may not have to pay to use this app.

Except the basic features of this grindr trans app, there are many unique features of Transdr.

Transdr share gay and transgender date ideas – you can get advice from this grindr trans app about other members’ moments.

However, paying to become a “gold member” has several benefits, such as the ability to reach out to other gay and transgender singles, the ability to find your perfect partner through advanced search options and the ability to highlight your profile in the search.

In the search options, the basic categories are age, gender, and keywords that free and paid users can use to find matches. However, advanced search categories, such as those based on location, physical characteristics, personality type, occupation, income and online status, are only available to paying members of the Transdr.

Safety & Privacy

Transdr is one of the most popular gay and transgender dating app in the world. Unlike Grindr, the best gay dating app, Transdr is for gay and transgender people. And this Grindr dating app provides you with an opportunity to meet gay and transgender singles and provide you with more effective and better dating experience. However, there are some basic steps you should follow to help your experience become happy and safe when you meet new gay and transgender singles online or offline. Reviewing and listening to our Suggestions will provide you with confidence and satisfaction in experiencing a safer gay and trans dating environment online and offline.

Transdr Pricing

Standard membership for this grindr trans app is free, as long as you sign up for the app. However, to be fully functional in Transdr, you need to become a “gold member” by subscribing to the following programs:

1 month subscription: $14.99 per month
3 month subscription: $29.99 per month
6 month subscription: $49.99 per month


At Transdr, you could mix and mingle with hundreds of thousands of gays, transgender people and their admirers. Transdr is the Grindr trans app for gay and transgender singles! We specialize in helping gay and transgender singles find their like-minded partners interested in gay dating and transgender dating, long term relationships and friendship!

Topics that Should Avoid For the First Gay Dating

It is exciting to finally have your first dating with that man you meet on a gay dating app. You are excited because you can meet him face to face and you can also get the chance to know more about him. Starting a new relationship will give you every reason to be happy and satisfied. But some guys may destroy their first gay dating with another man because of things that they talk about on their first meeting. Yes, there are topics that gay men should avoid for the first meeting due to some reasons. If you don’t want to have a terrible first dating, you can keep reading and stay away from those topics below.

1.Ask about his ex or talk about your ex. This topic is absolutely not allowed to talk about for the first meeting with a gay man. Even if you don’t know what to talk about at a very moment, you don’t want to bring up this topic. Maybe you just want to know what kind of person he is interested in or you may want to know what’s the reason why they break up with their exes. No matter what are your reasons to talk about the exes, you will regret this action.

2.Ask about the money either of you can make. Don’t you think it is very awkward to ask about the money that your potential partner can make? Maybe you just don’t know what to ask at that time. So, you just say it without any intentions. But it will absolutely make your partner uncomfortable. He doesn’t want to reveal anything about money to make this dating go bad. And it may even make others think that you want to find a gay sugar daddy or someone who can support your life financially. You meet on a gay hookup app and both of you just want to build a relationship with the one that you love. So, don’t ever mention this topic for the first meeting.

3.Things related to the future. You can ask him about his life plan or career plan. But don’t don’t ask for too much since someone may not think about these things at a very young age. Besides, don’t ask about his future with you. Remember that you just meet for the first time and things are not settled down between you and this man. He never has the chance to think about the future with you. It will only make you seem ridiculous and funny.

How to Get Over Jealousy When Dating A Gay Man

Most guys will get jealousy when they are dating someone that they love. When they see their boyfriend is looking at another hot guy or when they text someone on a gay dating app, they will get jealous immediately, even if there is nothing between them. However, most of them will not get mad at their boyfriend just because of this. But it will possibly hurt the feelings of their boyfriend, which is not good to their relationship. So, do not always focus on your own feelings and get jealous because of some small things. If you want your relationship with the guy you meet on a gay hookup app to last longer, you can check those content below and learn how to control your emotions.

1.You get jealousy is because that you don’t trust your partner fully. Only when you don’t trust your partner fully and you don’t believe what he tells you, then you can get jealous all the time. From the moment that you met him on a gay chat app to the current stage of your relationship, you should learn to trust your partner. Or your relationship will be nothing in the end. When you trust him fully and believe his words, you will live a better life without jealous.

2.Ask yourself whether you should be trusted. Usually, when a man who cheated on others, he will be careful to know that whether his partner will cheat on him. You should trust yourself at the same before you learn to trust others. If you can’t trust yourself, then others have no reason to trust you at the same time. It will be helpful to allow your jealousy to fade away when you can fully trust yourself.

3.Checking on others doesn’t mean that they will cheat. It is natural for a guy to look at other hot men on the street or on some gay hookup apps. It is not a great sign that when your partner tells you that he has no desire to other guys since he loves you. It is nonsense. We are human beings and we have our own feelings. We love beautiful things and we will be attracted by those better things. It is not a fault. But checking on other hot guys will never mean that your partner is unfaithful to you. It only means that they are humans. If you can’t stand this, then you probably cannot build a long term relationship with a potential partner.

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