Most guys will get jealousy when they are dating someone that they love. When they see their boyfriend is looking at another hot guy or when they text someone on a gay dating app, they will get jealous immediately, even if there is nothing between them. However, most of them will not get mad at their boyfriend just because of this. But it will possibly hurt the feelings of their boyfriend, which is not good to their relationship. So, do not always focus on your own feelings and get jealous because of some small things. If you want your relationship with the guy you meet on a gay hookup app to last longer, you can check those content below and learn how to control your emotions.

1.You get jealousy is because that you don’t trust your partner fully. Only when you don’t trust your partner fully and you don’t believe what he tells you, then you can get jealous all the time. From the moment that you met him on a gay chat app to the current stage of your relationship, you should learn to trust your partner. Or your relationship will be nothing in the end. When you trust him fully and believe his words, you will live a better life without jealous.

2.Ask yourself whether you should be trusted. Usually, when a man who cheated on others, he will be careful to know that whether his partner will cheat on him. You should trust yourself at the same before you learn to trust others. If you can’t trust yourself, then others have no reason to trust you at the same time. It will be helpful to allow your jealousy to fade away when you can fully trust yourself.

3.Checking on others doesn’t mean that they will cheat. It is natural for a guy to look at other hot men on the street or on some gay hookup apps. It is not a great sign that when your partner tells you that he has no desire to other guys since he loves you. It is nonsense. We are human beings and we have our own feelings. We love beautiful things and we will be attracted by those better things. It is not a fault. But checking on other hot guys will never mean that your partner is unfaithful to you. It only means that they are humans. If you can’t stand this, then you probably cannot build a long term relationship with a potential partner.