Not everyone is a celebrity but have desires to hook up with celebrities some time. There are many popular celebrities that are grindr gay and gay men are mad to hook up with them on gay dating apps. This post is all about gay celebrities and the grindr gay men who would like to hook up with them. There are many celebrities in gay community. Let’s know about those celebrities.

1. Gareth Thomas
A passionate sport star declares himself a grindr gay in 2009, a star rugby player is surely an icon for all grindr gay guys and would like to hook up with. Gareth Thomas is becoming a poster boy for gay sportsmen.

2. Chris Colfer
A famous TV personality and accomplished screen writer, also a best New York best-selling author award winner, Chris Colfer is such an icon for gay community. Chris Colfer is surely a celebrity not only among grindr gay guys but also all communities.

3. Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris plays an exceptional character in “Met your mother”. A famous T.V celebrity Neil Patrick considered being the best playing character in show. Neil is in a relationship with a man for over 10 years and set an example for all grindr gay guys.

4. Jaymi Hensley
Jaymi Hensley a perfect role model for grindr gay guys. Jayme Hensley – Carry you singer established himself as one the best pop singers in the list. Jaymi sets an example that music has no relation with your sexuality, weather you are homosexual or a heterosexual. He openly speaks up about his gay relationship and now, he is an icon or a role model for youths in gay community.

5. Russell Tovey
Russell George Tovey – an English actor. Best known for his characters played in Ware wolf, Being Human or The History Boys. Russell George Tovey becomes a role model for gay guys who are still struggling with their sexuality issues. Every grindr gay guy would like to enjoy his company and really would like to hook up with him anywhere. It’s like a dream come true for gay guys.

6 .Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean is an American independent singer, song writer, producer and a photographer. Frank Ocean is multi talented personality happens to be gay. Open up about his relationship announcing in 2012 in his tumblr blog. Frank Ocean made history becoming the first gay personality from music world. Every gay guy is falling in love with him or his man of dreams.

7.  Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin is also a famous personality from music world was a ‘fortunate homosexual’ and said – “I am blessed to be who I am”. Ricky Martin have a huge grindr gay fan following. Ricky Martin is surely the icon for grindr gay guys.

8. Matt Bomer
Mathew Staton Bomer – An American actor is always a first crush and become the most visible gay in television industry. Matt Bomer declared himself a gay in 2012 and thanked for his wife and children.

9. Chris Salvatore
Chris Salvatore is an American actor, Model or a gay rights activist. Well known best for his characters in ‘Eating Out’ gay film series also ranked in #41 in 2011 in ‘AfterEltons’ annual list of gay and bisexual male celebrities.

10. Tom Lenk
Thomas Loren Lenk – an American stage and television actor. Lenk considered himself as an openly gay and becomes one of the most followed gay personality by gay community.