It seems there’s always a confusion about transgender and gay. Are they different besides the fact that transgender are people who make transition to be the opposite gender of their inherent one? For example, a transgender woman is considered as a gay before her transition. A transgender man is considered as a lesbian before his transition. Even if you can find a trans app to get to know more, this is a very tricky question. Today, we are talking about the difference between transgender and gay.

Gay is a term used to describe a sexual orientation. In simple terms, it is the fact that a man has feelings for men instead of women and a woman has feelings for women instead of men. They love to use gay dating apps to meet guys. Gay maybe straight in their past and gradually lose the interest in their counter gender, while grow interest in people who are the same gender. They are okay with who they are and with the fact that they are men or women. Transgender is considered as a group of people who are born in the wrong gender and make their transition mentally and physically from a man to a woman or a woman to a man. In their early ages, many trans are disgust with their body. They feel like they are trapped in the wrong body. Therefore, transition is more like a must surgery to cure an illness rather a determinable choice. So that they can enjoy trans dating. Gay is not transgender and transgender is not gay before their transition.

Now that we have clear out the difference between gay and transgender, I am going to offer you some suggestions about transgender on how to be a transgender woman. We are not talking about the factors which can be changed by surgery or any other physical method. Here are two main elements need to be noticed.

1. Study women
Your best femininity teachers are the women around you. You should be constantly studying women when you are out in public. Try to notice the differences between the way men and women sit, stand, walk, talk, move, laugh, cough, etc. The more you study women, the more you will pick up on the subtle details that make somebody feminine and attractive.

2. Downplay your hands
Whenever we are trying to guess if a person we see in public is a genetic woman, we typically only have to look at her hands to get the answer. Men hands can be a real give-away if you are not careful. Here are some tricks that can prevent your hands from ruining your image. One, draw attention away from your hands. The less your hands are in the spotlight, the last people will notice them. So stay away from bright nail colors and flashy rings and bracelets. Two, feminize your hands with good grooming. Moisturize your hands frequently and protect them with gloves when doing dirty work like fixing your car or mowing the lawn. Three, grow out your fingernails. Growing out the fingernails makes your hands look longer, which also makes the hands look less boxy. But do not go longer than 1/4 inch past your fingertips, since nails that are too long actually emphasize large hands. Four, use neutral colors on your nails. If you are going to paint your nails, using natural colors, so your fingernails blend into your fingers. Contrasting colors make the fingers look shorter and wider.